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Mailing Address: 5156 W. Olive Avenue #148 Glendale, Arizona 85302

Gabriel-A totally blind Pug!

We have all heard of or have known someone whose very unfortunate dog has drowned in a swimming pool. It is a very common occurrence here in Arizona and it happens more often that we care to acknowledge.
Arizona Pool Dogs is truly a valuable company that offers canine pool training to every dog that resides in a home with a pool in Arizona.
The trainers here at Arizona Pool Dogs will teach your dog to remain calm in the water and to safely locate the stairs in your pool all with Positive Reinforcement Training. Whether your dog has a negative association to your pool or simply has no association, we can train them!
We at Arizona Pool Dogs will also teach your dog to swim laps for exercise and to retrieve on command. Swimming provides the necessary exercise that dogs need during our hot summer months. Swimming is a great exercise for our older and overweight dogs as well! Your dog is never to old to learn! We have trained dogs up to 13 years old in our Pool Safety program!
In addition, Arizona Pool Dogs offers several In-Home Obedience and Behavior Training packages, along with Pet Partners(Delta) Pre-Therapy training. Yes, we train dogs on land as well! 
Call us today so your dog can be an Arizona Pool Dog!

2012 Arizona PooL DoGS!
Mrs. R and Zoey(Toy Poodle) - Scottsdale
Mrs. R and Zac(Toy Poodle) - Scottsdale
Mrs. R and Avi(Toy Poodle) - Scottsdale
Mrs. R and Sheyna(Toy Poodle) - Scottsdale
Becky and Gabby(Standard Poodle) - Scottsdale
Becky and Keiser(Standard Poodle) - Scottsdale
Debra and Maggie(Labrador Retriever X) - Scottsdale
Debra and Smore(King Charles Cavalier X) - Scottsdale
Jonita and Dakota(Shepherd X) - Chandler
Jonita and Bella(Border Collie X) - Chandler
Jonita and Taz(Shepherd X) - Chandler
Annette and Turbo(Pitt Bull Terrier) - Phoenix
Maria and Desi(Weimaraner) - Phoenix
Maria and Percy(Weimaraner) - Phoenix
Scott and Zoe(Weimaraner) - Scottsdale
Paul and George(Chihuahua X) - Scottsdale
Betsy and Girtie(Yellow Labrador Retriever) - Scottsdale
Jane and Artie(English Bulldog puppy) - Scottsdale
Marilyn and Chloe(Australian Cattle Dog X puppy) - Scottsdale
Marilyn and Colten(Australian Cattle Dog) - Scottsdale
Diane and Molly(Daschund) - Chandler
Joe, Anita, and Winston(Golden Retriever puppy) - Scottsdale
Leanne and Bella(Pitt Bull Terrier X puppy) - Phoenix
Mary and Addy(Golden Retriever puppy) - Scottsdale
Mary and Bear(Golden Retriever puppy) - Scottsdale
Julie and Sloopy(Pitt Bull Terrier X) - Phoenix
Paul and Lilly(Weimaraner) - Litchfield Park
Sheana and Capone(Rottweiler) - Mesa
Sheana and Carmine(Pitt Bull Terrier X) - Mesa
Janet and Coco(Coton De Tulear) - Scottsdale
Linda and Bogie(German Shepherd) - Glendale
Jerry and Coco(Labrador Retriever X) - Glendale
Walter and Keiser(Standard Poodle) - Phoenix
Judy and Quincy(Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler X) - Phoenix
Wally and Stevie Ray(Golden Retriever X) - Gilbert
Lisa and Nelson(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Charlie(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Bubka(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Rosie(Shihtzu) - Glendale
Lisa and Maxine(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Drover(Rottweiler puppy) - Glendale

2011 - Arizona's PooL DoGS!!!

2010 - Arizona's PooL DoGS!

Dan, Lisa, and Mim(Pitt Bull Terrier X) - Scottsdale
Dan, Lisa, and Daisy(Pitt Bull Terrier Labrador Retreiver X) - Scottsdale
Diane and Brody(Bernese Mountain Dog) - Phoenix
Veva and Rufus(Pitt Bull Terrier) - Paradise Valley
Scott, Naomi, and Jazzy(Pitt Bull Terrier) - Chandler
Bob and Bogey(Portuguese Water Dog X) - Scottsdale
Corrine and Benny(Border Collie Labrador Retriever X) - Phoenix
Corrine and Jet(Labrador Retriever X) - Phoenix
Corrine and Andy(Great Pyrenese) - Phoenix
Corrine and Angelic(Great Pyrenese) - Phoenix
Dan, Dani, and Misty(Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pitt Bull Terrier X) - Goodyear
Gina, Jeff, and Zephyr(Rhodesian Ridgeback X) - Scottsdale
Fran and Jazzie(Cairn Terrier X) - Glendale
Stephanie and Nanna(Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever X) - Phoenix
Paige, Carl, and Taz - (Terrier X) - Phoenix
Jan, Conrad, and Jacie - (Border Collie X) - Phoenix
Alana and Murphy - (Wheaton Terrier) - Cave Creek
Alana and Seamus - (Wheaton Terrier) - Cave Creek
Gail and Gizmo - (Chihuahua X) - Mesa
Gail and Reload - (Daschund X) - Mesa
Doris, Leo, and Reagan - (German Shephard) - Mesa
Ginny and Ziggy - (Pitt Bull Terrier X) - Phoenix
Paul and Bella - (Weimaraner) - Phoenix
Joanna and Beau - (Pitt Bull Terrier X) - Scottsdale
Joanna and Reese - (Pitt Bull Terrier X) - Scottsdale
Ineke and Scout - (German Shephard Siberian Husky X) - Phoenix
Leo, Doris, and Reagan - (German Shepherd) - Mesa
Frank, Lynn, and Sabastian - (Newfoundland) - Scottsdale
Jill and Ben - (Yellow Labrador Retriever) - Scottsdale
Kasha - (Wheaton Terrier) - Scottsdale
Dianne and Sophie(Yorkshire Terrier X) - Glendale
Dianne and Claire(Irish Wolfhound) - Glendale
Lisa and Ruby(Shih tzu X) - Glendale
Lisa and Joy(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Amber(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Halle(Rottweiler puppy) - Glendale
Lisa and Henry(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Holly(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Haley(Pekingese) - Glendale

Shikera and Scooter Happy(Great Dane) - Scottsdale
Shikera and Pinky Girlie(Great Dane) - Scottsdale
Erica and Scout(Boxer) - Scottsdale
Erica and Rowdy(Boxer) - Scottsdale
Cindy and Bella(Golden Retriever) - Scottsdale
Nadine and Gabby(Kelpie X) - Mesa
Reidun and Newman(Golden Retriever) - Scottsdale
Janette and Callie(Australian Shepherd) - Scottsdale
Cathy and Elvis(Labrador Retriever) - Glendale
Cathy and Mocha(Labrador Retriever) - Glendale
Cathy and Naughty(Labrador Retriever) - Glendale
Kris and Cheyenne(Labrador X) - Peoria
Lydia and Hudson(Boxer) - Scottsdale
Arizona Weimaraner Rescue Pool Fundraiser! - Phoenix
Scott, Naoimi, and Bella(Pitt Bull Terrier) - Chandler
Scott, Naoimi, and Mr. Beans(Doberman Pinscher) - Chandler
Sandy and Auggie(Shepherd Boxer X) - Scottsdale
Andy and Buddy(Labrador Retriever Puppy) - Scottsdale
Susan and Maggie(Westhighland Terrier) - Phoenix
Susan and Max(Wheaton Terrier) - Phoenix
Susan and Moose(Labrador Retreiver X) - Phoenix
Becky and Doc(Labradoodle) - Phoenix
Pat, Phil, and Daisy(Goldendoodle Puppy) - Peoria
Linda and Tev(Weimaraner Puppy) - Phoenix
Linda and Buddy(Weimaraner) - Phoenix
Kevin, Crystal, and Cowboy(Weimaraner) -Goodyear
Rick and Kiki(Shepherd X) - Litchfield Park
Leslie and Brody(French Bulldog) - Phoenix
Bill and Chica(Terrier X) - Phoenix
Stacy, David, and Evie(Shepherd X) - Phoenix
Jen and Jackson(Cocker Spaniel) - Phoenix
Jen and Sophie(Pomeranian Poodle) - Phoenix
Threse and Nyxie(Corgi Dachshund) - Glendale
Francine and Isabelle(Weimaraner Labrador Retriever X) - Scottsdale
Dianne and Sydney(Pug) - Glendale
Lisa and Colby(Chihuahua) - Glendale
Lisa and Gracie(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Jocelyn(Pug) - Glendale
Lisa and Bronson(Pekingese) - Glendale
Lisa and Doc(Portuguese Water Dog!) - Glendale
Lisa and Emmit(Pug Boston Terrier) - Glendale

2009 - Arizona PooL DoGS!

2008 - Arizona PooL DoGS!


  • Candy and Boo (Beigian Malinois)-Peoria
  • Mary and Maxie (English Mastiff)-Scottsdale
  • Dave and Buster (Labrador Retriever)-Scottsdale
  • Lynda and Jessie (German Shepherd)-Glendale
  • Bob and Lille Ven (German Shepherd)-Scottsdale
  • Ruth and Lacey (Golden Retriever)-Phoenix
  • Ruth and Enzo (Golden Retriever)-Phoenix
  • Dianne and Carter (Collie)-Glendale
  • Dianne and Nora (Airedale Terrier)-Glendale
  • Dianne and Bella (West Highland White Terrier)-Glendale
  • Arizona Weimaraner Rescue Pool Fund Raiser!
  • Macaila and Gabbana (Labrador Retriever)-Phoenix
  • Elena and Lola (American Bulldog)-Goodyear
  • Elena and Brando (Shepherd/Labrador Mix)-Goodyear
  • Adriana, Brendan and Romeo (English Mastiff)-Phoenix
  • Sue and Thor (Doberman Pinscher)-Scottsdale
  • Sue and Venus (Doberman Pinscher)-Scottsdale
  • Bobette and Blondie (Labrador Retriever)-Scottsdale
  • Bobette and Amber (Labrador Retriever)-Scottsdale
  • Linda and Alli (Wheaton Terrier Mix)-Phoenix
  • Lisa and Teddy (Pekingese)-Glendale
  • Lisa and Emma (Pekingese)-Glendale
  • Lisa and Erwin (Pekingese)-Glendale
  • Lisa and Lily (Pekingese)-Glendale
  • Lisa and Daisy (Chihuahua)-Glendale



  • Jackie and Jake (Lhasa Apso)-Scottsdale
  • Ayn and Izzy (Snoodle)-Scottsdale
  • Jane and Babe (English Bulldog )-Paradise Valley
  • Jane and Annie (English Bulldog)-Paradise Valley
  • Dave and Red (Doberman Pinscher)-Scottsdale
  • Dino and Leo (Labrador Retriever)-Scottsdale
  • Craig and Stella (Labrador Retriever)-Scottsdale
  • Ed and Heidi (Rottweiler)-Scottsdale
  • Tracy and Heart (German Shepherd)-Scottsdale
  • Tracy and Lil Bit (Chihuahua)-Scottsdale
  • Debra and Theo (Shih Tzu)-Scottsdale
  • Glenda and Stella (Boxer)-Mesa
  • Mimi and Frank (German Shephard)-Scottsdale
  • Deleata and Adriana (Poodle)-Laveen
  • Deleata and Beau (Poodle)-Laveen
  • Charles and Mak (Cairn Terrier)-Mesa
  • Kathleen and Bailey Bear (Labradoodle)-Mesa
  • Kathleen and Hunter (Labradoodle)-Mesa
  • Anna and Zena (Doberman Pinscher Mix)-Scottsdale
  • Carole and Josie (German Shepherd)-Scottsdale
  • Marilyn and Lucca (Boxer)-Scottsdale
  • Jack and Simba (German Shepherd)-Scottsdale
  • Diane and Griffin (Basset-Pit Bull Terrier Mix)-Scottsdale
  • Diane and Claree (Poodle)-Scottsdale
  • Diane and Shane (Scottish Terrier)-Scottsdale
  • Lisa and Gabriel (Pug)-Glendale
  • Lisa and Edgar (Pekingese)-Glendale

Arizona PooL DoGS does not guarantee that you dog will never drown after they have received our pool training. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep up the water training in order for their dog to have a lesser to no chance of drowning. 

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