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Arizona Pool Dogs is truly a valuable company that offers canine pool training to every dog that resides in a home with a pool in Arizona.

The trainers here at Arizona Pool Dogs will teach your dog to remain calm in the water and to safely locate the stairs in your pool all with Positive Reinforcement Training. Whether your dog has a negative association to your pool or simply has no association, we can train them!

We at Arizona Pool Dogs will also teach your dog to swim laps for exercise and to retrieve on command. Swimming provides the necessary exercise that dogs need during our hot summer months. Swimming is a great exercise for our older and overweight dogs as well! Your dog is never to old to learn! We have trained dogs up to 13 years old in our Pool Safety program!

In addition, Arizona Pool Dogs offers several In-Home Obedience and Behavior Training packages, along with Pet Partners(Delta) Pre-Therapy training. Yes, we train dogs on land as well!


Pool safety training

Pool Safety Training

We will teach your dog important safety precautions that will aid them in the event they fall into your pool. Read more

Pool retrieving and laps

Pool Retrieving & Laps

Your dog will get exercise while learning the fundamentals of retrieving toys and doing laps in your pool. Read more

Behavior and obedience training

Behavior & Obedience

Our trainers are also certified to provided much needed obedience, loose-leash walking, and behavioral training. Read more

Canine health and nutrition products

Canine Health & Nutrition

At Arizona Pool Dogs your dogs health is one of our top priorities. With years of dog training experience we have come across numerous vitamins on the market. Some vitamins are good but many were not so good. One vitamin we came across that has worked well over the years is NuVet Plus Canine. Read more

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