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We here at Arizona Pool Dogs have only one thing in mind for your dog, Pool Safety! Hundreds of dogs drown year around in many, many, pools all over Arizona. Too many of our beloved dogs are simply not taught what to do if they were to ever unfortunately fall into the family pool. When dogs fall into a pool they experience several things. If they do not know how to swim they panic, hook onto the side of the pool, or they panic stroke or do not have enough of a stroke and never find their way out. Their are no actual know statistics of how many of our beloved pets are lost due to drowning each year. No one wants to keep track. We have talked to several pool cleaning associates and many of them each know of at least a handful of their client's dogs that have ended up at the bottom of their pool each summer. Think about it, if every pool cleaning associate knows of at least 5 dogs that they are aware of that have drowned in one summer, how many pool cleaning associates are in Arizona? A LOT!

Drowning is an awful way to loose your pet and do not think because your dog stays away from your pool they will be safe. Many dogs have fallen in their pools and have drowned because of high storm winds throwing them off balance or simply by just looking up and chasing a bird flying by. Please do not wait until it is too late for your dog. Loosing your dog by drowning is an awful thing to have to experience and even more awful for your dog to go through. Please be responsible and make sure your dog is safe around your pool either by putting up an iron fence around your pool, by always supervising your dog around the pool, or by simply getting them trained to be pool savvy.

We at Arizona PooL Dogs want your dog to have the safest life possible and if you have a pool then please, please, please train and teach your dog POOL SAFETY and to have fun and enjoy your pool!


Lisa Maldonado training a pool dog

Lisa Maldonado

Canine Pool Training Specialist / Arizona Pool Dogs Owner & Manager

Hi! My name is Lisa and I am The Canine Pool Trainer Specialist and the Owner of Arizona Pool Dogs. I am a certified professional dog trainer and I have received my credentials through Animal Behavior College, of which I am a mentor for the college as well. I have furthered my dog training education through ABC and I also have a certification in Training Shelter Dogs. I am Canine CPR and First Aid certified through the Red Cross and I am also a Certified Reiki Master.

I LOVE the water and I started training my 3 Rottweilers over a decade ago in my pool to swim, be safe, retrieve, and to just love the water. Today, swimming keeps all my dogs in shape along with providing them with an energy outlet. I have sinced trained my visually impaired Pug, and my small dogs to swim as well. I LOVE training dogs and I absolutely LOVE training dogs in the water! I truly enjoy witnessing a dogs progress in the water and also their genuine love of the water.

I am a Canine Behavior Specialist and I provide In-Home Obedience and Behavioral Training as well. I not only train dogs in the water, but also on land! I train dogs to be therapy dogs for Pet Partners as well.

My true gift and what I enjoy the most is training dogs in their pools! I believe I am one of the few residents here in Arizona that live for our summer months because I get to spend many endless hours a day in many pools training many dogs to be pool savvy and to enjoy the water!

Animal Behavior College Authorized Mentor Trainer American Red Cross - Pet First Aid and CPR Certified
Caitlynn Innacell

Caitlynn Innacell

Canine Pool Training Specialist / Assistant Manager

Hi, my name is Caitlynn and I have worked with Arizona Pool Dogs for a few years and I absolutely love it! I am a Canine Obedience & Pool Training Specialist. I have always had a love for all animals, however my heart and passion has always been working with dogs.

Through volunteer work I developed the patience it takes to train dogs and enjoy every minute of it. Most recently, I volunteered at Arizona Animal Welfare League. Together, we taught puppies, group classes, and soon to be adopted dogs their manners.

I received my credentials through Animal Behavior College and have enjoyed training dogs since then. In addition to that, I also received a Certification for Animal CPR and First Aid through PetTech.

This training and learning has been a great experience for me. I take pride in my passion for training and love seeing the transformation between dogs and their respective owners.

PetTech - CPR, First-Aid & Care For Your Pets